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about the penalty, the homicide units, they will investigate this. they'll spend all night here and more times than not they do arrest in cases such as this one, they are working hard to solve this murder. live in san jose, i'm damian trujillo. >> thank you. we're following another story in the south bay, this one in santa clara. a man with ties to apple co-founder steve wozniak has materials that were blown up by the local bomb squad. today investigators and that bomb squad again combed the house on humboldt avenue searching for any more explosives. marianne favro joins us from the scene with are more of this troubling discovery. marianne? >> reporter: raj, late this afternoon chp investigators found additional explosive devices here at the home. those devices have been placed in a hall in the front of the home and are covered with
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sandbags. the bomb squad intends to detonate them tomorrow. this is how last night ended in a home on humboldt avenue with a bomb squad detonating explosive material in the middle of a n m normally quiet santa clara neighborhood. chp investigators first obtained a search warrant for this house, they weren't looking for explosives. they were trying to determine if the man who lived here, 45-year-old everett, is linked to threats against a state elected official. today they scoured the house again and found even more explosive devices. they now place the devices in another hole in the front yard under these sandbags. chp officials say last nate's detonation went smoothly. >> they couldn't figure out exactly what the substance was. and then they eliminated the detonation. probably incontinue rate quickly and time for the device to work.
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>> reporter: as you might imagine all this has left neighbors feeling uneasy. >> i didn't know what was going on, if he had chemicals. he was just like a normal guy. >> reporter: they say he often was fatigued, was ex-military and had a lot of surveillance cameras in his front yard. today investigators say they found some of the evidence they were searching for initially relating to the threats against a state official but are not saying who that official is. they elected basham in sunnyvale, facing several charges including making a threat to a public official to dissuade them, a manufactured explosive. today we learned basham once worked with apple co-founder steve wozniak, in a statement to nbc bay area wozniak described everett as a brilliant engineer
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who left at its founding stage. i admire thinking highly, everett is distrustful of the government as many of us are. the bomb squad intends to detonate the can devices that they found today. some time tomorrow they will do that home or bring the devices to a different location and use a bomb trailer to detonate those. in the meantime, chp investigators are going to remain out here all night guarding those devices. they say they pose no public safety risk. reporting live from santa clara, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> today santa clara county became part of the bay area to offer cash for unwanted guns. the sheriff, the district attorney and elected leaders outlined their gun buyback program. it'll take march -- it will take place march 2nd at the county fair grounds. the guns will be purchased no questions asked. just like other recent buybacks, santa clara county will pay $100 for each handgun, rifle, or
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shotgun. $200 for any assault weapons. the recent mass killings only highlight what is an ongoing problem. >> there is a sandy hook every year in santa clara county. there's a sandy hook every year in santa clara county. 36 were killed by guns last year. 37 the year before. >> san jose mayor chuck reid says action on the local level is fine but he believes the federal government needs to take more meaningful steps including universal background checks. new details about the refinery fire from last august. the cause has been traced to an older pipe that ruptured. investigators say chevron should have replaced it years ago. smoke from the fire sent thousands of nearby residents to hospitals complaining of eye irritation and breathing problems. the federal chemical safety board and cal osha issued a report today saying the eight-inch steel pipe installed in 1976 should have been
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replaced with a pipe in silicon because steel is more susceptible to the high sulfur levels at this plant. chevron is inspecting other pip pipes. happening now, tonight it appears facebook ceo likes new jersey governor chris christie. mark zuckerberg is hosting a fund-raiser for christie at his palo alto home this evening. the governor is spending two days in california. kimberly tere, the governor just arrived. >> reporter: he did, about 15 minutes ago. he arrived in the front seat of an suv and drove right into the driveway, in fact, bypassing the protesters that you see here. this is the sceo's first time hosting a political fund-raiser. zuckerberg is doing it right here from his palo al it to home. this event started at about 6:00 and will raise money for new jersey governor.
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>> chris: ty's gubernatorial campaign later on this year. though a guest list for tonight's private event was not released, his wife will introduce the governor to their network which includes some s l silicon valley heavy hitters. 100 guests are expected this evening. donors are expected to give up to $3,800. that is the limit according to new jersey law. a half hour ago he protests started in front of their home. they're upset mark zuckerberg is supporting a governor citing more than half of facebook users are women. the ceo is not affiliated with any political party. in the past, he has attend add dinner with president barack obama. facebook also host add town hall for the president during his first term in office. zuckerberg met christie in 2010 when he donated $100 million to newark public schools so, yes, continuing to arrive here.
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we believe we may have spotted condoleezza rice. there is a valet service out hear taking care of their cars and, again, we expect 100 guests to arrive here for this fund-raising eat mark zuckerberg's. kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. from one governor to another, was his recruiting trip a success? rick perry is heading back home tonight after meeting with california companies in an effort to lure them to the lone star state. the republican says he met with many entrepreneurs and business leaders during this recruiting trip. it included a reception for more than 200 california companies who expressed interest in moving. 20 businesses attended. pe perry calls the call friendly competition. a different kind of early voting proposing legislation would allow california teens to cast their first ballot at age 17. assemblyman kevin mullet authored that legislation.
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it would amend a state constitution to allow a teen who would be 18 to vote in the primary. boosting the youth vote for 20 states already allowed voters to participate in the primary, the caucuses at age 17. the fairfield man accused of kidnapping and killing a 13-year-old girl may face the death penalty. 32-year-old and ththony jones m his first court appearance today. he seemed unfazed. charges jones kidnapped, raped, and killed genelle conway-allen. her body was discovered about a week and a half ago. the homeless man who made the grisly discovery was also in court today to see the accused killer. >> anger, i think. anger that somebody could do something like that.
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>> the judge postponed the arraignment to give time to review the more unanimous 1,000 pages of investigative documents. he will be formally charged next week. only on nbc, the frontline in the fight against car thieves. we ride along with south bay police officers. most likely you're the one. >> and big-time college athletics costing higher public educati education? tonight the investigative unit adds up to the true cost of competing at the highest level. good evening, i'm jeff ranieri live in the weather center. here is the problem. only ten rain days in the south bay in all of 2013. rain in the seven day forecast. we'll have that for you coming up this hour.
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cut budgets have reignited debates. the question is, is the price of competing in big time sports at the university of california hurting the academic bougttom line? >> critics say yes and they point at uc berkeley as the example. teamed up with the investigative reporting program in certificse answers. >> raj, jessica, all across cal berkel berkeley's campus budgets are being cut because they are not funding the school like they used to. >> one department has seen it increase in this budget, athletics. this budget has nearly doubled in less than a decade and that has some on the academic side crying foul. >> it's a program out of control. >> an athletics program that the doctor says fwrgrows while her research suffers.
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>> reporter: patterns that she says she can no longer accomplish. >> so i passed on being an investigator a couple years back because i didn't have the lab resources to do the work. >> reporter: and it's not just in the lab but in the classroom. >> we are offering fewer and fewer classes to all of the students. >> if you only have so much in the pot, where are you going to put it? >> reporter: the professor has been teaching here for 52 years. she is worried about what cal is spending money on. >> it's out of control. and if you ask people why, that's what the market requires. i thought we were when we decided. >> reporter: take a look at these numbers, cal's athletic budget doubles from $45 million in 2004 to a projected $90 million this year. only a fraction of projected $4.5 million this year comes directly from the schools, the
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rest supplied by team revenues and donations. during the same time state funding for the berkeley campus as a whole dropped by $160 million forcing student tuition to more than double. while conceding tough economic times intercollegiate athletics are critical to berkeley's success. >> i am absolutely convinced that because of having the athletics on campus and that's why it's at a high level, division i level. >> reporter: at the same time academics has seen cutbacks, cal athletics paid off tedford up to $5.5 million not to coach football. and these documents show berkeley is paying louisiana tech a half million more dollars to buy out the old contract of his replacement, sunny dikes. details of his new contract are
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still to be announced. the administration for the payouts comes from donations not campus funds. but some professors say the payouts serve as a lesson in priorities. >> athletics is one of the many things that cost money. >> reporter: the chancellor points out that most of the athletic department's budget comes from outside sources sup as donations, ticket sales, tv contracts and other ref gnaws but that's not enough to fund the program completely so the university had has to pay out the difference. >> i would be extremely happy about that. but we don't require that. >> reporter: the difference the campus has to pay out came to nearly $11 million in 2009, $7 million last year, and a projected $4.5 million at the end of this fiscal year. is the payoff worth it? >> absolutely worth it. first of all, i couldn't imagine having a second rate athletics
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program. >> reporter: the chancellor also points out the contribution to intercollegiate athletics makes up less than one-third of 1% of the university's $2.3 billion overall budget, a budget that continues to actually grow despite the dramatic decline in financial support from sacramento. >> if we did not have the support, a shortfall, tens of millions of dollars. >> reporter: but does competing at the highest levels of the ncaa come with other costs? >> there are very few programs in this country that many of them have principles. >> reporter: dempsey served as president of the ncaa for nine years. he now consults for university athletic programs around the country from his home in la jolla. dempsey says uc berkeley is not alone. up to 340 division i athletic programs only 23 actually bring in more money than they spend,
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and berkeley is not one of them. >> a problem where we are so that it has to come to big business and with that there's so much focus to generate revenues. >> reporter: that is what is commonly called the arms race in the ncaa. bigger and bigger salaries for coaches, bigger and bigger capital campaigns to build more facilities to attract athletes and keep up with the other guys. some on the campus of berkeley say if this trend continues berkeley is likely to be confronted again and again. at what cost does it maintain a top flight division i athletic program and is there ever a point where it should drop out of the arms race? >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit give us a call or send us an e-mail to the unit. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri and
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love is about to be in the air. >> a little bit of weather love. valentine's day, your holiday reminder is officially tomorrow. don't forget that. look here at our coastal conditions. we see things ramp up, seas from six to nine feet. notice 10 to 25 miles per hour, a component to the winds good enough to give us a little bit of an offshore flow. 68 in santa rosa. 69 in santa teresa. 67 in san jose and 66 in los gatos. up along the immediate coastline, you have the onshore flow, 50 in san mateo and back to the interior valley. you can see here in fremont the bottom of your screen going around a little bit but not overall gusty.
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a lot of traffic out here and let's also bring the showstopper of a sunset. looking back to san francisco the pollution illuminating the sky and creating this incredible view. here it is, high pressure producing this mild february sunshine, it's going to stay with us at least for the next two days, give us some cold weather, some mid and upper 30s to start. hazy sunshine by the afternoon. even a few 70s still coming our way as we head throughout the next few days. if you have allergies, you're probably going to be like me, need a lot of water be a that allergy medication. pollen blooming in the moderate levels. this is helping everything to pop on up. throughout thursday, lots of sun at the coast. the interior valleys, upper 60s throughout the east and also for the south bay with that haze staying in the forecast. no rain in the next three days, but coming up in the seven day i'll detail when we will finally get some rain drops across the bay area later on in the show. >> okay, thank you very much, jeff.
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we'll see you in a little bit. still ahead at 6:00, the first time it's been caught in the u.s. and it happened right here in the bay ea. the discovery that could have wreaked havoc on the state economy. two hollywood stars hang out to talk about moviemaking in silicon valley and the president's high tech call to action, how one big area company is stepping up to the challenge. and our own lawrence scott continues our spring training coverage from scottsdale. the giants back to work today with some sore muscles.
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got your orange wardrobe ready? >> repeat, dynasty, words for the giants. today marked the first workout for the pitchers and catchers. >> but why just the pitchers and catchers? what happens to the rest of the team? lawrence scott puts that same question to manager bruce bochy. >> reporter: thank you.
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the giants' first workout of 2013 is in the books and seeing the team take the field for spring training certainly something to behold. it's one of the very best sights of spring, the giants first day of workouts and just as the team was getting in motion on the field there was a legendary figure in the organization taking a deep breath in the clubhouse. mike fmurphy spending a moment helping the giants gear up and get on the field. >> every day you come here. come down here and get everything ready for baseball. >> how many years now since you've been making the team? >> i think roughly 54 years. do the job and everything is
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happy. >> reporter: now that the giants pitchers and catchers have reported for duty and started their work, we wondered beyond the tradition of pitchers and catchers arriving for spring training first why exactly it helps best prepare the team for receipt s the season ahead. >> you like to give them a couple of bull pens. spring training, the length of it is for the pitchers more so than the position players. they take longer to get ready, to get stretched out, get the arm into condition to be game re ready for the season. that's probably the biggest reason they come in a little bit earlier because they needed a head start. >> and these workouts all lead up to the start of cactus league play, host the angels here in scottsdale on saturday, february 23. that's the scene here from arizona. back to you in the stewudio. >> now we know. >> the pitchers need more time. >> we learn something new every
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day. tonight there's new concern over a mystery virus and the issue is can it be spread from person to person. >> also ahead at 6:00, mayor mirkarimi, the connection to local inmates. >> and then an emotional ash wednesday as the pope delivers his final public mass. >> new details just in about yesterday's dramatic ending in the lapd manhunt.
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gone in 60 seconds and disappearing every day. of course we're talking about cars. >> more than 50 cars are stolen every day in san jose alone. and one small team is charged with getting them back. damian trujillo with a story you'll see only here on nbc. >> reporter: he jumped in his
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unmarked patrol truck and worked the laptop. >> finding cars and finding crooks involved other than the initial auto theft is something that i'm really good at. >> reporter: the seven person county task force has been unusually businey the last coup of years. especially in san jose. >> it's in every neighborhood and the interesting thing with those cars, this would be the midyear, mid-'90s honda accord. >> those cars and some acuras and toy otas have a faulty ignition switch which can be started with a screwdriver. 45 minutes into our ride. >> and what do you know, it's stolen. >> reporter: neighbors say it's been there for quite a while. >> at least over three weeks. >> reporter: in the first 11 months of last year crooks stole
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5,354 cars in san jose. as hard as they work the streets, the seven member team was only able to recover 578 of them. >> would you mind coming over and printing? >> reporter: the sergeant calls in the crime scene experts to dust off the car for fingerprints hoping to match them with a known criminal. >> what we do see a lot of is criminals stealing cars to further their own selves. >> reporter: thieves will dump a car like this one then break into another car to commit more crimes. this one was a mile away stripped of virtually everything. >> not a matter of if we find the stolen car, it's where we're finding that stolen car and how many we're finding. >> reporter: in san jose, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. a pittsburgh police officer is recovering after getting into a shoot-out with a suspect. two officers were chasing a 30-year-old oakland man last
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night when the suspect turned and opened fire. that officer was treated and released. remains hospitalized with nonlife threatening injuries. police say several warrants for weapons and gun related charges. late this afternoon authorities did confirm that the manhunt for the fugitive ex-cop is officially over. they're still waiting for test results to positively identify those charred remains found in that burned down cabin but they are confident it is christopher dorner. janelle wang has the new details from our newsroom. raj, investigators reportedly found his drafr's license next to the remains but they're doing testing to make sure it's him and determine a cause of death. we're learning the exact details what led to the last fiery stand. >> there's a sniper rifle sitting in the back seat. >> seven oaks cabin, shots fired. >> deploy, we have a fire. >> reporter: chilling audio recordings of the final day of a nine day reign of ter aroterror.
6:31 pm
two maids stumbled on the f fugitive ex-cop christopher dorner hiding in this cabin possibly for five days located just across the street from the command center. >> ironic he was just across the street staring down at these guys. >> reporter: after being discovered dorner tied up the women and stole their vehicle. game wardens spotted the stolen car but before they could radio for help dorner fired multiple rounds into their truck. >> was shot at and they returned fire. no one was injured. >> reporter: dorner crashed that car and hijacked this white pickup truck. >> he came up to me with his gun pointed at me. i stopped my truck, put it in park, raise d my hands. he said, i don't want to hurt you. just get out and start walking up the road and take your dog, which is what i did. >> reporter: dorner then barricaded himself in this be cabin. a second gun battle erupted. two sheriff's deputies were shot, one died. >> it was horrifying to listen
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to that firefight and to hear those words, officer down. >> reporter: after a three-hour stand off, they fired tear gas to get dorner to surrender with but instead a single gunshot was reportedly heard before the building was up in flames. in the end four murder victims. in dorner's manifesto, all apparently in revenge for his termination from the los angeles poe lease force in 2008. so many questions tonight. the big one, why wasn't dorner found earlier? late today investigators defended their cabin search. they said if there was no sign of forced entry and no sign of anyone inside, they move on to the next cabin. live in the newsroom, janelle wang, bay area news. this story continues to unfold. for the latest updates go to and search dorner. attorneys for slugger barry bonds were in court to try to overturn his 2010 conviction for obstruction of justice. >> your honor, he answered the question falsely each time and
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the district court -- >> bonds wasn't in the courtroom but cameras were allowed in thanks to a rare move by the ninth circuit court of appeals. bonds was convicted of obstructing justice after giving a rambling answer to a 2003 grand jury investigating the balco steroids scandal. they say bonds was avoiding steroid use. a three-judge panel said he told his client directly he did not inject with steroids. >> he answered that question three times directly. how can that be obstruction of justice? how can that be an evasive answer? >> bond's attorney wants the conviction thrown out along with the probation period and monitored house arrest. they did not the give an indication when they'll make the decision. it will create the world's largest airline and the merger is cleared for takeoff. scott, what does this mean for really just the travelers?
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do we have cheaper flights here? >> reporter: good question. we don't know what this means yet, raj. the concern for how this changes travel routes and if any jobs are lost. what we hear from the associated press and "wall street journal" as of an hour ago is that the merger between u.s. air and america airlines has been approved by the boards of directors of both companies and an official announcement is expected tomorrow morning. we'll get more details. from cisco systems tonight the san jose networking giant reported earnings above wall street expectations. but cisco ceo john chambers, 2013 is starting off slowly. cisco shares down by about 2% in after hours trading. hollywood is coming to silicon valley. owen wilson and vince vaughn who play google interns in "the internship." they talked up the movie, shot a trailer and answered questions about what it was like to hang out at google. busy time for apple lawyers. today a second lawsuit filed against the cupertino company by
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a share hoeholder focusing on executive compensation. no immediate comment from apple. apple also in the spotlight tonight thanks to a shoutout from the president last night. the ceo tim cooke and the first lady, president obama suggested that apple could be one of many companies to manufacture jobs back to america. today we ask is silicon valley up to the task? from robots that help doctors perform surgery to solar panels that help us save energy. manufacturing already exists in silicon valley and now that president obama has thrown down this challenge -- >> my first priority is making america a magnet for new jobs in manufacturing. after jobs for ten years, our manufacturers about 500,000 jobs over the past three. caterpillar is bringing jobs back from japan.
6:36 pm
ford is bringing jobs back from mexico. and this year apple will start making macs in america again. >> reporter: we went to silicon valley manufacturing leader flextronics to ask can this happen here? they say yes. >> we love it. we're sitting here in the united states where 6.5 million square feet -- >> reporter: michael mcnamara has been manufacturing gadgets here for two decades and say the future looks even busier. >> here in silicon valley we're doing things like defense, automotive, telecom and datacom. the economics tilt better every year. >> reporter: which means more opportunity for growth and new hiring both planned here which means silicon valley may once again be known as a place where things get made. the group that tracks manufacturing says electronic manufacturing is expected to grow by about 5% this year and
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that does include what apple does. pope benedict xvi celebrated his last public mass as leader of the catholic church today. dressed in the traditional papal robes, the pope came had in on a wheeled platform. he presided over an ash wednesday mass at st. peter's basilica. the mass was moved to make room for the larger crowd that was expected after the pope announced that he's retiring on february 28. a conclave will start some time between march 15 and march 20. >> stopping the spread. still ahead, the unprecedented discovery in the bay area. also, music meets nature. a story of a concert that is about to end. we'll have that coming up. and i'm jeff ranieri in the weather center. a lot of sunshine today including some hazy conditions and expected air quality on moderate levels for thursday.
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if you have respiratory problems, maybe a tough day for you. we'll let you know when rain moves in and could clear this out.
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a new sars-like virus is being reported. researchers expect it can spread from person to person. the virus causes severe respiratory illness, fever, and cough. so far only 11 cases have been reported and a majority of the patients recently in the middle east. five have died and surviving six people spent a significant amount of time in the hospital the most recent case involved a family member of another patient proving or suggesting the virus could spread from person to
6:41 pm
person. >> millions of uninsured californians will soon be required to purchase health insurance. today they got a glimpse of what they can expect. part of the affordable care act. four benefit plans each offering different insurance coverage depending on what kind of out of pocket plan they elect. the first open enrollment will launch in october. >> jeff ranieri is back with us. it's beautiful but things are changing. >> they are. about four or five days from now. i'd like a little bit of rainfall tomorrow but it's not going to happen. outside of our mountain camera to the bay bridge. [ male announcer ] tender sirloin and a succulent lobster tail... for an incredible $16.99. share the love this valentine's, with sizzler's steak & lobster.
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it looks like a harmless seed. it's been found at the port of oakland. a routine inspection on a ship at the port of oakland in january found seeds from cape weed, the invasive we hed could have devastating effects on the industry. it competes for water,
6:44 pm
nutrients and light. they were found on dried flowers coming from australia. those flowers have been destroyed. authorities believe the seeds accidentally got into those flowers. a flash mob in a prison. that's the plan for some san francisco inmates who will do their dance as part of the sheriff's anti-domestic violence plan. it's raising some eyebrows. mayor mirkarimi had his own domestic abuse case. his wife is expected to take part in her husband's event tomorrow. mayor lee ands d.a. are holding their own event tomorrow. two weeks ago an artist and a sculptor dragged an old piano out to the bluffs to play at sunset. >> it's only in the bay area we can do this. the community at half moon bay is nearing the end of this moment. tomorrow's impromptu show will be the last.
6:45 pm
>> reporter: a glorious sendoff for a piano whose glory days are behind it at sunset on a bluff in half moon bay were doing world war ii soldiers watched for incoming fire. >> i always wanted to do something to change the energy. i have a piano so i wanted to play it, and here we are. >> on february 1, they dragged the piano out to the bluffs where he planned on playing the same composition at sunset for 30 days. in the two weeks since, people stopped by day and night to touch the piano, take pictures, and to play the piano in this unbelievable venue. >> it was majestic. i have never had an experience like it. >> reporter: the days are numbered. the city will only allow it to stay tomorrow, valentine's day, then it has to go. the piano will get one more
6:46 pm
sunset it at the harbor, one on the boat, and a cremation of sorts. >> i'm going to take it back to my studio and on sunday play the piece one more time. wish me luck. >> reporter: as much as the for example, have enjoyed the serenade, he says they were never meant to go on forever. and yet for the people who experienced them, somehow the music will live on. >> the ocean, the fact that it's out here, that he had the guts to bring it here is very artistic. it's so bay area and it's a story we're all going to remember forever. >> it's humbling in a way. all happy and excited. >> reporter: he met the woman whose family owned the piano in its glory days. though she is sad they couldn't keep it or pay to repair it she is happy to see the fitting sendoff. the last concert tomorrow night. kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> that is so romantic.
6:47 pm
>> wouldn't it be nice to keep it there permanently? >> beautiful. very beautiful. >> and it looked beautiful out there, right, jeff? an awesome sunset. something out of a motion picture next to that piano. when it comes to our weather we had great weather at half moon bay. the past couple of days and two more days of some of this, at least for this time of the year, warm with weather across the bay area. walnut creek topping out at 70. stanford 67. also sunnyvale at 67 as well. currently we are dropping off the most of the immediate coastline very small marine layer developing producing 50 in san mateo. skyc sky camera network in silicon valley, there it is, the moderate to poor air quality pushed up against the foothills of the silicon valley. then as we bring you off here in san rafael, this will be the
6:48 pm
best chance of getting some patchy fog and also for you commuters for tomorrow. the pacific pattern hasn't changed a whole lot from yesterday. a couple thousand miles off the north. high pressure will stay with us. keep it hazy and with a lot of sunshine. so far to the north it's going to snap, it's going to give and we'll get some colder weather in here and even eventually some rain in the seven-day forecast. some much-needed rain. only ten days of rain in the south bay in all of 2013. so let's bring you back into tomorrow's forecast. 50s and 60s at the immediate coastline down to half moon bay. then for the interior valley 60s and 70s and then by friday that's going to be the last mild day and it's going to signal changes coming our way for this weekend. if you are getting up early, watch out for the areas of patchy fog. 39 in napa. 37 in livermore and also plenty of low 40s in the silicon valley. by the afternoon, who knows, might be able to get away with
6:49 pm
some shorts here on thursday. 70 in morgan hill. back to to sunnyvale, 69. for the east bay it's going to get warmer. it will feel like the 70s for a lot of us here. while the air readings are cooler, also 68 in it dublin. right up to santa rosa, 70 degrees. it will stay warm and on the mild side through friday. temperatures start to cool off. cloud cover increases and then there we go by next tuesday and wednesday a chance of showers. there is the love mother nature showing us by next week. it's a good testament. be patient. you'll get the love. that's what mother nature is giving me. >> yes, in the form of rain. >> wonderful, jeff. >> like a motivational speaker. >> it'll find you, folks. >> let's get to sports.
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for our next sermon we will go to jim kozimor in the comcast sports center. >> you're going to get what you need, jim. that's what i like, great lead. thank you very much. you are on it. it's been more than three months since the final pitch of the 2012 baseball season. remember when the giants won the world series? today pitchers and catchers hit the field together for the first time in 2013. live in scottsdale with more on the first day of workouts at giants spring training. ahmed? >> reporter: yeah, jim, it seems like we just ended 2012 and here is 2013. the team got on the field about 10:00 a.m. local time, about a two-hour workout. asked bruce bochy, how does the team look? he said that's not the question to ask. you can't gauge that the first day. all you can do is get the cobwebs out. a ton of guys on the field, 37 pitchers in camp because they're going to lose a lot of those
6:51 pm
guys to the w abobc. tim lincecum throwing off the mound for the first time since the world series game number three and pretty much for all of these guys the goal on day number one get some conditioning, be healthy, stay healthy. >> i think it's getting our bearings back, just like riding a bike. being back out there running around in cleats, in pants with the guys and joking with each other, it's a lot of fun for us like the first day of school again. >> i was indoors all off-season. i was working out at our indoor facility but coming back out here and getting my feet wet outside again. >> naturally get tired of sitting home and just not a very organized workout so it's nice to get back and get it started. >> reporter: a lot of the guys were bored sitting at home. tim lincecum was that big story on day number one. he said he feels better now than day number one last year and that is a good sign.
6:52 pm
he said he feels stronger in the bottom half. his bull pen session kept the ball down. all good signs that rough year in 2012 becoming a distant memory. reporting live in scottsdale, i'm ahmed fareed, nbc bay area. let's move to the oakland athletics. led one of baseball's best pitching staffs last season as a rookie. but there's no guarantee that he will be sitting behind the plate on opening day against the mariners. our kate longworth has more on how the a's will handle their catching duties this season. my mentality is always going to be a fight especially at the catching position. you slack off a little bit, somebody is coming in and taking your spot. >> it's going to be more comfortable him this spring. we don't want him to be comfortable nor is he coming in saying i have a spot and i'm comfortable. his job is to compete and get better and not take anything for granted, and that's his focus. >> reporter: bob melvin has the luxury of not naming his starting catcher right away. in fact, given the split from
6:53 pm
the two leading candidates, he admits platooning norris may be the a's best option. >> i think getting to know pitchers is where it all comes together and rotating, making sure you're not catching the same pitchers. >> i want to to catch all 162 but when it comes down to it it's a good matchup for him and he's in there and i'll just wait my turn. >> reporter: perhaps the most unique element of the 2013 catching tandem is that the foundation for their relationship was established by the 2012 opening day catcher. >> i can't say enough about what he did for me especially coming into an organization, not knowing a whole lot the of people. as long as i play this game i'll go about my business to match what he did every day here. >> you see one catcher doing one thing preparation wise. they prepare together. he'll carry that bond into the season the same way. >> reporter: and he started forming a bond with norries last
6:54 pm
year when they were opponents. n norries had such an outgoing opportunity. it's nice to be teammates with the a's pitchers. last year they dominated him and his mariners teammates. in arizona i'm kate longworth nbc bay area news. >> the 49ers say good-bye to a key member. hired by the philadelphia eagles, the team's vice president of player personnel, very talented kicker off to the east coast. when you are a good team, all the clubs want to hire your people. the 49ers found that out today. i'm soaking up all of jeff's love. hello?
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters.
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tonight at 11:00 more than half a million people travel the bay brimmidge. we go inside the command center and the move that could give this center more power over the ships that pass under the bay bridge. that's tonight after "chicago fire." thanks for joining us here at 6:00. have a great evening. we hope to see you at 11:00.
6:58 pm
>> now on "extra." the star-crazy cop killers die hand end and the tv news crews trapped in his final gunfire. >> christopher dorner is hold up in a cabin 100 yards behind our position. >> how this reporter got out alive as bullets whizzed out.
6:59 pm
>> they started shooting. >> now trending, robin roberts reveals the moment she felt her life slipping away and lady gaga's mystery medical crisis. beyonce on her no-holds-barred new documentary about her miscarriage and her ultraprivate marriage to jay-z. >> it was like therapy for me. >> why oprah made a surprise appearance. >> it's out there, man. >> they broke the news on "extra." >> we're having a baby. >> are alec and hilaria baldwin having a boy? >> the question that made alec blush. >> let's do a separate interview on that. >> "extra" on the road, bon jovi's concert tour for a personal a-list interview, how his daughter is doing after her overdose. >> i'm blessed that she is back to being the kid that i know. >> kelly and michael roasting mario's super bowl stepdown. >> did mario lopez shave his chest?

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